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Each block makes around 85 litres and is available in the following grades:

Regular: low fibre and no coir peat dust. Used for general potting mix blends.

Premium: minimal fibre and no coir peat dust. Used for seedlings & golf green construction.

Remedial: Unwashed regular grade. Used for remedial applications eg absorption of oil.

Buffered: Regular grade that has been buffered to reduce salt content to a minimum.

60/40 Blend: 60% regular grade and 40% medium crush-sized chip. A ready-to-use premixed blend. Also available in other blend ratios.


Bales are 25kg and less compressed than blocks, allowing easier breakout.


Coir chips are a superior alternative to bark because of having significant advantages in terms of quality, consistency and cost.

Available in 3-7mm & 6-12mm.

Grow Slabs

Coir grow slabs, encased in UV-stabilised plastic bags, are used for the hydroponic cultivation of tomatoes, cucumbers, strawberries and peppers. Coir grow slabs can be customised to meet your growing requirements in relation to dimensions, pre-cut holes, nutrient buffering and water-holding capacity.

Regular: contains regular coir peat providing excellent water holding capacity with minimal drainage. Suitable for water-holding plants like cucumbers, watermelons and roses.

Dry: a combination of a top layer of regular coir peat with a bottom layer of medium crush chips to decrease the water holding capacity and to increase drainage. Suitable for plants that require less water like tomatoes.

Flower: a mixture of small to large chips providing a low water holding capacity with the highest amount of drainage. Suitable for orchids.

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