Each block makes a minimum of 70 litres and is available in the following grades:

Premium – With a very low fibre content this growing medium increases the water holding capacity (up to 75%) and reduces the air porosity (as low as 13%). Premium grade is suitable for seedlings, cuttings and golf greens.

Regular – Containing a normal but low amount of short fibre this growing medium has a 20% air porosity and 70% water holding capacity. Regular grade is suitable as an all purpose growing medium and soil amendment.





With a lower compression than blocks, bales break up more easily. Each 25kg bale is available in the following grades:

Premium – Contains a very low amount of fibre for seedlings, cuttings or mushroom casings.

Regular – Contains <5% fibre for general use.

Pet – Contains 10% fibre for animal bedding.




The unique properties of Coir KING chips makes it a superior alternative to bark. Many growers use coconut husk chips instead of bark finding it has significant advantages in terms of quality, consistency and cost. Available in various sizes from small to large.


Grow Slabs



Compressed coir grow slabs, encased in UV stabilized plastic bags, are a popular choice worldwide in hydroponic cut flower and vegetable production. Coir KING grow slabs are used for hydroponic cultivation of hot house tomatoes, cucumbers, strawberries and peppers. Plants root faster and develop stronger root systems resulting in superior vigour and yield. The quick growth of a strong root system also helps prevent Pithium infection. Also its superior water holding ability protects plants from stress caused by variations in watering frequency. Due to Coir KING’s grow slabs unique ability to maintain its structural properties, it has become a popular choice for cut flower roses and gerberas. We can meet many unique growing needs with pre-nutriated coir, custom slab dimensions and a wide selection of water holding capacities.

Regular: The Regular blend is processed to obtain a perfect balance of fibre and large particles to increase drainage, aeration and provide excellent water retention capacity.

Lite: The Lite blend contains additional long fibres to enhance drainage and porosity, thus decreasing the water holding capacity by 10-15% and increasing aeration compared to regular slabs.